There are many situations where you may require a formal portrait  photo - for example


        a.  For a business publication or website

        b.  For a promotional campaign

        c.  As a gift for family and friends


Recently a client required a portrait photo as they were traveling overseas to attend a conference where they were standing for office in the international arm of  a service organisation. We were able to take the photographs, apply post-production processing, and have them approved by the client all within 48 hours. The images were then posted to the secure FTP portal on our website where they could be downloaded by authorised people in the United States, India and the United Kingdom and then used in promotional material for the conference.




Please click here to go to our portrait quotation request form and we will respond within 24 hours once you give us details of your requirements.





Linked-In is a valuable tool when promoting yourself to prospective employers. It is important to have a good image as this is used, along with your academic and professional achievements, when you are being assessed. There are specific requirements for images posted to Linked-In and the use of an incorrectly shot and edited image can detract from the overall impression you are seeking to make. A session usually takes around 30 minutes and can be done in your home or office. You will receive a number of edited images from which to choose the best one for your profile.


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