There are many events that may require coverage by a videographer. We can provide you with professional coverage and we have the right type of audio, video, and lighting equipment.




This 10 channel audio mixer allows us to capture multiple audio inputs, in both mono and stereo, to provide you with the best audio output for your video. Because it can run on mains or battery power we are not constrained by challenging environments and can use this equipment in both indoor and outdoor locations.





We also have battery powered wireless microphones, including both lapel and hand-held varieties, so we can capture great sound in almost any location.






The microphone input not only goes to our video cameras but can also be fed to a PA system which runs on mains power and battery so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors if required.








We also have high intensity LED panels as well as on-camera lighting. This equipment is battery powered so that it can be used in almost any location. Both types of LED lighting sources have adjustable intensity as well as adjustable colour to ensure the correct illumination for the event.



We use professional video cameras, rather than DSLR cameras, and this gives us more flexibility in relation to sound, light and movement when capturing an event.



Please click here to see a few corporate videos we have shot for various clients so that you can get an idea of the type of coverage we can provide. Some of these videos were shot before we had purchased the latest lighting and sound equipment but they provide a sample of coverage in various locations.

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